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Who Shops at Outlets & Why?

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Posted on June 5, 2014 in Blog By Was Group

It used to be that outlet malls were considered an attraction for the “lower class”. Affluent consumers would never be seen at an outlet mall; they don’t have to worry about being able to afford the real thing. And those aspiring to affluence mimicked the sentiment. That attitude towards affluence has changed significantly. Today’s “outlet shopper” demographic is considerably different. The attitude towards indiscriminate spending has shifted and the search for a great deal is considered savvy.

There is now a considerable range of consumers who shop at outlet malls. The range has broadened to include both consumers who want to appear affluent on either end of the middle class. Shoppers towards the higher income levels are more interested in buying the name brands that they trust, and that get them recognition for having good taste. Towards the lower income levels within the middle and lower middle class, splurging on name brand items is now considered comfortable at outlet prices.

What Outlets Can Do to Attract More Customers

In order to attract the broadest range of shoppers, outlet malls have to include some of the top retailers with name brands, as well as places that offer very cheap items. While there is more interest in designer brands that can be purchased at a discount, there are also considerable benefits to adding inexpensive jewelry shops or department store outlets, which often have at least some items that are within a very low price range.

Outlet shoppers know that even at the outlet mall, they’re going to find some items that are priced out of the range of what they’d like to spend. By adding some low priced options, customers can be drawn in, even if they were not planning to spend a lot.

An outlet mall is considered a place where quality brands and designer shops can be found at better prices. But they’re also rapidly replacing traditional malls in the minds of consumers who enjoy shopping for fun. It’s okay to go to the outlet mall and hang out, which means outlet malls should be comfortable, offer food, and entice people with all kinds of spending budgets.

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