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Social Mission

The Was Group takes pride in operating as a Social Entrepreneurial Firm. One of our core values is to make a greater impact around the world by being responsive to the citizenship needs of the communities where we live and work. We are committed to donating our financial support, volunteer endeavors and other partnerships as necessary.

The Was Group is honored to be actively engaged in supporting Schepens Eye Research Institute. Schepens fights blindness by developing new technologies, therapies and knowledge to retain and restore vision. Through a continuum of discovery, the Institute works toward a future in which blindness is prevented, alleviated and ultimately, cured. To learn more about Schepens Eye Research Institute, please visit their website at:

In addition to our philanthropic efforts with Schepens Eye Research Institute, The Was Group is also actively involved in supporting numerous other causes that are important to our firm, including: Susan G Komen for the Cure, American Red Cross, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Curly Tail Rescue, as well as local schools and animal shelters.

Each year The Was Group commits to donating a fixed percentage of its annual revenues to supporting these charities. We will not waiver on our commitment to supporting these causes.

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