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International Shoppers & The Outlet Market

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Posted on June 19, 2014 in Blog By Was Group

Outlet shopping is more and more en vogue in metro areas around the country, and even around the world. The term itself has changed meaning for shoppers here and abroad. Due to an influx of international visitors in certain areas, outlets are benefitting from their new place in the mind of consumers on vacation. This trend is only increasing as the marketplace becomes increasingly global. Is your outlet shopping center going to take advantage of international visitors?

Attractions in the Area

One bonus for anyone developing an outlet shopping center is the proximity of a hotel. Even for domestic vacationers, outlet shopping is irresistible. But if there are hotels as well as a tourist attraction, the chances of luring in international shoppers are very high. Locating an outlet development where travelers are already going is the best option.

Making the Location Friendly

International visitors are bombarded by advertising that is designed for a domestic audience. If there is even a little bit of focused advertising in other languages or with a different demographic in mind, an outlet shopping center is more likely to bring in those guests.


While it’s normal in the US for people to rent cars when they go on vacation, that is not as typical in much of the world. Visitors from out of the country are going to expect some kind of infrastructure that allows them to travel about, whether that’s between their hotel and the local water park or between their hotel and an outlet mall. Know how international visitors to the area are getting from place to place and make sure you’re not only accessible to people with a car.

What steps can outlet developers take to ensure that they are capturing the best retailers? Making sure that every advantage is explored when it comes to being available to all potential outlet shoppers. If you can appeal to the international visitors, you’re ensuring that the market is as big as it can be.

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