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The Importance of Advertising For Outlet Malls

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Posted on September 8, 2014 in Blog By Was Group

When developers open the doors to a new outlet mall they hope for bumper-to-bumper traffic in the parking lot and line-ups out the door. Usually there is a lot of excitement around a new mall opening from local press and excited residents eager to find a great deal. But how can an outlet mall keep that momentum going after the grand opening?

Marketing and advertising has become crucial for outlet malls. Not so long ago there weren’t as many other options for shoppers – if they wanted to shop, they went to the mall. Now consumers can shop from their phones on the bus on the way to work. Things have changed, and businesses need to make an effort to reach and captivate their audience. A shopper needs to be reminded of the great outlet mall experience to convince them to step away from Amazon and into the store.

It’s important to reach consumers where they are. In many cases this means online and on social media. Advertising on Google is a cost effective way to reach people searching for brands or shopping in the area. Outlet malls can see great results from sharing sales, news and events with their Facebook fans and Instagram followers. Creating marketing campaigns targeted at people planning to visit the area is a great way to bring in a new audience. On top of partnering with hotels and advertising at other tourist destinations, outlet malls can advertise on travel deal sites and even target users on Facebook based on other pages they’ve visited. With online and social media advertising, it’s possible to put your ad in front of exactly the right people.

Outlet malls can maintain a steady flow of traffic and high sales by advertising to their audience creatively and consistently. Embracing digital advertising as part of an overall marketing strategy will surely improve results.

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