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Online Outlets vs. Brick & Mortar

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Posted on June 13, 2014 in Social Media By Was Group

Everyone has heard of Amazon. We have gone beyond Black Friday after Thanksgiving and now have Cyber Monday. Online shopping is growing at an astounding rate and will continue to do so. Outlet shopping centers cannot be left behind as digital shopping becomes the norm. So who shops at an online outlet instead of a physical location? Are all shoppers who search for outlets the same, or should online outlet shoppers be treated differently? And how can you use this knowledge to attract shoppers to promotions, events, or a brick and mortar outlet mall?

Who Shops Online?

Online shoppers are often looking for a great deal plus the convenience of having their purchases come to them. Who doesn’t enjoy getting a package in the mail? Plus, online shopping is very convenient. No traffic, no parking, no lines, no waiting. So when consumers want something fast and easy, they go online.

Who Shops In-Store?

In-store shopping allows for an experience that an online outlet can never provide: touch, feel, and the right size. For people looking for clothing, it’s rarely easy to get the right size when you order online, unless you’ve already tried on something similar. Shopping in-store and trying on what catches your eye is critical for a lot of people. Plus, shopping is fun. Going to the mall, trying on some clothes, getting a treat from the food court - people enjoy the experience. When they’ve got the time, the need, or the extra cash, they’ll go to the brick and mortar shops.

How to Consider These Different Scenarios

When planning a development or an event at an outlet mall, attracting as many visitors as possible is the goal. That means you’ve got to inspire the online shoppers to get off the couch and come see for themselves. Promotional sales for online outlets can be very fruitful, if you’ve got the right email list and offer appealing discounts to guests who refer their friends. But the best opportunities are for the shopper who is ready to get into the fray and find their size before the shop runs out.

Finding those special items, something that really catches the eye and is priced to sell, is part of the fun of shopping at a promotional event. Brick and mortar establishments can attract the online crowd by offering first looks at new inventory, fresh from the factory floor or due to the end of a season, before everything is categorized, photographed, and listed online. Plus, they can find what they want before it sells out.

It is possible to consider just what your customers like about shopping online vs. shopping in- store when planning events. By considering the preferences of today’s consumer, you can attract the biggest crowds, every time.

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